AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Outdoor is the ideal render substrate and drylining board to create exterior walls that withstand even extreme weather conditions.


AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor allows high-performance drylining indoor constructions even in the most challenging wet and humid conditions with a wide range of finishing options.


AQUAPANEL® Cement Board SkyLite provides design flexibility and ease for ceiling solutions in interior and exterior areas.


AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Floor Tile Underlay is the perfect substrate for tiles on wooden subfloors for renovations and refurbishments.


AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Rooftop is a high-performing roofing board that delivers strength, safety and sustainability for industrial, commercial and residential buildings alike.


A landmark for culture

AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Outdoor was used to implement the highly versatile elements of the building envelope. A total of 1,700 m2 cement boards were installed for wall cladding, the tower’s plaster strips, and the signature letters atop the tower.

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New brochure: AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor

New brochure: AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Indoor

This product brochure gives a complete overview of products and accessories and includes construction examples as well as an installation guide.

New brochure: AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Rooftop

New brochure: AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Rooftop

The new product brochure 'Safe. Strong. Sustainable.' is released and shows the complete product overview, technical details and many construction examples of this revolutionary board for all flat roof constructions.

New brochure: AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Floor

New brochure: AQUAPANEL® Cement Board Floor

Strong and fast: the new product brochure of this drylining solution for every floor is now ready for download including the complete set of accessories, installation guide, construction overview and technical product details!